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Wealth Management

It is a independent asset management company and multi-family office serving high net worth individuals, families and institutions in Singapore

Investment Management

Portfolio Construction Process

We partner you in taking a step by step approach in developing a long term portfolio based on the needs, wishes and risk assessment.

1. Financial Assessment

  • We will spend time to understand your current financial situation, cashflow and specific requirements. As well as what would you like to achieve in return.


2. Planning and Setting Goals

  • We will work with you to identify the objectives and goals. A plan will be set in place to provide a direction on how we intend to reach our target.

3. Profiling

  • Developing a clear profile sets the boundaries in which we are able to execute. These will set the dos and dont’s in constructing your portfolio.


4. Portfolio Construction

  • Develop a bespoke investment strategy, normally with a core-satellite approach that is documented in an investment policy statement.


5. Implementation & Review

  • Strategy is implemented with constant periodic review, reporting and analysis, keeping the process transparent and the structure well under your control.