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Family Office Advisory

It is a independent asset management company and multi-family office serving high net worth individuals, families and institutions in Singapore

1. What is a Family Office?

Famous Family Offices

  • John D. Rockefeller Sr (1839-1937) was an American industrialist and philanthropist. Rockefeller’s fortune upon his demise in 1937 stood at US$1.4bn. In 1882, Rockefeller established what was generally considered to be the first modern family office. Now entering its seventh generation with as many as 170 heirs, the Rockefeller family has maintained substantial wealth — they had an $11 billion fortune in 2016 according to Forbes. That’s more than 100 years after John D. Rockefeller became America’s first billionaire after founding Standard Oil Company in the late 19th century.
  • The Rothschild empire had its genesis during the 1760s when Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) founded a banking business in Frankfurt, Germany. Over time, and with the help of his five sons, the family business expanded throughout several European countries. Before he passed on in 1812, Mayer Rothschild left strict rules for his descendants on how they should handle the family’s finances. He wanted to keep the fortune within the family and, as such, encouraged the arrangement of marriages among relatives. Today, Rothschild holdings span a number of industries including, financial services, real estate, mining, energy and charitable work. The family also owns more than a dozen wineries in North America, Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia.

Definition of a Family Office

  • A family office is effectively a structure dedicated to managing the assets of families. It primarily acts as a “Private Investment Office” for the family
  • A family office is a privately controlled group of staff employed within or outside a dedicated structure that supports a multi-generational family with the organization, management and maintenance of all or various aspects of their assets, needs and wishes.

2. Why Setup a Family Office?

Crossing the 3rd Generation

  • It serves as a platform to manage, protect and grow wealth independently and professionally
  • It operates hand-in-hand with Family Members, Financial specialists and Legal Advisors during the development of the family office to ensure long term goals are aligned and achieved
  • It governs the family and personal financial goals through consolidation of 4 core functions
    1. Tax & Legal Services
    2. Consolidation & Reporting
    3. Investment Management
    4. Bridging
  • To create a Legacy with effective wealth transfer over generations, it is imperative to achieve
    1. Capital preservation
    2. Effective Portfolio management
    3. Specialized & Independent Investment Advice
    4. Transparency on Statements and Fees
    5. Global Asset Allocation of Portfolios

Reasons for a Family Office

  • Alignment of Interests and Integration of Goals
  • Financial Security for Owners
  • Confidentiality of Information
  • Continuity of the Family
  • Education of Owners
  • Customization of Financial Services
  • Building a Family Legacy

  • Coordination of Advisors
  • Development of Wealth Strategy and Investment Strategy
  • Aggregate Purchasing Power to Access Products with effective Fees
  • Alignment of Interests and Integration of Goals
  • Coordination of Trustee and Beneficiary Responsibilities

Organize Your Assets from One Office

3. Family Office Setup

Setting Up a Family Office

  • Defining the Status quo
  • Establishing the family office objectives
  • Developing the leadership and organizational structure
  • Location and legal structure
  • Recruitment of family office staff

Example of Family Governance and Involvement

A Governance Structure

Governance and structure (2)